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PSA-SDI: Inspire and encourage people in their relationship
PSA-SDI: What is SDI®?
PSA-SDI: What SDI® can give me?

PVI/SDI® - is a questionnaire which gives the chance to understand for all the theory of relations and to apply it succesfully in work and in life. You answer 20 questions, concerning various situations in life and work.
It is a learning and selfdiscovery tool because here there are no "correct" and «not correct» answers. As a result – own unique profile of personal values and understanding of motivational system of people.
It enables individuals and teams to:
Better understand themselves and others
Better appreciate the different values and behavior of others
Better understand different behaviours by raising awareness of the values and intentions of others
Increase awareness of the impact their behavior has on others; for better or for worse
Learn how to communicate with a wide range of people in many different ways
Increase the effectiveness of their own communication
Value and appreciate diversity
Recognise the causes and triggers for conflict
Reduce conflicts by choosing a more suitable behaviour for a specific situation
Use a strategy for quickly solving conflict
More effectively influence others
Have happier, more productive relationships
Give higher levels of personal service
Better understand others real needs
It allows the company to raise efficiency by reduction of conflicts; to pick up tools of motivation of the personnel and to become "the Best employer"; to raise a break-even sales level; to strengthen relations with clients; to reduce expenses (time, resistance) at performance of projects.

Why do people like PVI / SDI®?

Motivational Value System helps you appreciate why other people do what they do. This "enlightenment" has an immediate impact on your relationships, both personal and professional.
What makes the SDI both easy to complete and remember is that it uses 3 colours, Blue, Red and Green and their blends to represent the following 7 motivational value systems.
In more details about SDI®...



During the 1960s Dr. Elias H. Porter, the founder of Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc., and developer of the Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI) studied under the world famous American psychologist Carl Rogers and was the first person to incorporate the use of tape recordings in his doctorate. In summarizing his doctorate Rogers famously quoted Dr. Porter by saying "Porter has succeeded where failure was certain!" Co-incidentally 2 years later Rogers published his now world famous book on Client Centred Psychology!

PSA-SDI: How can I use SDI®?

    SDI / PVI®

    Describing each motivational value system by the colour provides a common language, which bridges all cultural barriers.

    Regardless of who you are or where your are from it helps you understand each other... in fact in these days of multi-cultural organisations you now truly have a "Universal language" everyone can understand!

You will find listed below the typical priorities of each value system...


Altruistic - Nurturing(Blue)
The protection, growth and welfare of others. Looking for opportunitues to support those who may need help


Assertive - Directing(Red)
Task accomplishment, organisation of people, time and money plus any other resources... to win out against opposition and be seen as an achiever


Analytical - Autonomising(Green)
The assurance that things have been properly thought out, self-dependence, taking time to get things "right", looking for ways to improve quality


Flexible - Cohering(HUB)
Flexibility, the welfare of the group and for belonging in the group. Keeping options open, consensus and harmony within groups


Assertive - Supporting (Red - Blue)
The protection, growth and welfare of others through task accomplishment and leadership. Enthusiasm for the development of others


Judicious-Competing (Red - Green)
Intelligent assertiveness, justice, order and fairness in competition. Strategic thinking where all resources are used to achieve goals


Cautious-Supporting (Blue - Green)
Affirming and developing self-sufficiency in self and others. concern for thoughtful helpfulness with regard to justice

  • Air Travel
    • Continental Express Airlines
    • Federal Aviation Administration
    • Mountain Air Cargo
    • United Airlines
    • DHL
  • K-12 Education
    • Hillcrest High School
    • Moscow High School
    • Orange County High School
    • Grandview High School
    • Robert E. Lee High School
    • Southern Fulton High School
    • West Greene High School
  • Social Services/Non-profit
    • American Diabetes Association
    • Head Start
    • Mountain Top
    • Niagara Training & Employment
    • Rotary International
    • YMCA of San Diego
  • Automotive/Transportation
    • Audi
    • Bay Area Rapid Transit
    • Dept. of Transportation
    • Maverick Transportation
    • Rolls Royce
    • Volkswagen
  • Military
    • Army Corps of Engineering
    • Army National Guard
    • Center for Army Leadership
    • Department of the Navy
    • Air Force Base
    • US Air Force
    • US Army Intelligence and Security Command
    • US Army Command & General Staff College
    • NASA
  • Communications
    • ALCAN Cable
    • AT&T
    • Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
    • Neilsen Media Research
    • Pacific Bell
  • Banking & Finance
    • Asian Development Bank
    • Bankers Trust
    • Capital One
    • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
    • Chase Manhattan Bank
    • Citicorp India
    • First Union National Bank
    • United Bank
    • NWA Federal Credit Union
    • UBS PaineWebber
    • Mutual
    • The World Bank
  • Energy & Utilities
    • Halliburton
    • NES
    • Pacific Gas & Electric
    • Southern Cal. Edison
    • Southwest Gas
  • Consulting & Business Services
    • Center for Creative Leadership
    • Deloitte
    • Educational Services International
    • Norton Consulting
    • Otto Kroeger Associates
    • Paxen Group
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Staub Leadership Consultants
  • Healthcare
    • Cardiac Science
    • Children's Hospital
    • Cedars Sinai Health Systems
    • Kaiser Permante
    • Sharp Healthcare
    • Sankyo Pharma
  • Technology
    • Adobe Systems
    • Agilent Technologies Asia Pacific
    • Cisco Systems
    • Ericsson
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • IBM
    • Intel
    • Microsoft
    • Sun Microsystems South Asia
    • United Technologies
  • Hospitality
    • Barona Casino
    • Foxwoods Resort Casino
    • MGM Mirage
    • Viejas Casino
  • Universities
    • CSU Fullerton
    • UCLA
  • Insurance
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Farmers Insurance
    • Fireman's Fund
    • Guardian Life
    • Safeco
    • United Guaranty Corp.
    • USAA
  • Consumer Products
    • Colgate Palmolive
    • Eddie Bauer
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • M&M Mars
    • Maytag
    • McDonalds Corporation
    • Miller Brewing Company
    • Proctor & Gamble
    • Weyerhaeuser
    • LVMH
  • Manufacturing
    • Boeing
    • Bombardier Aerospace
    • NEC
    • Smith Kline Beecham
    • Unilever
    • Ferrero



How to improve relations and to manage conflicts, using the theory of Personal motivational values and the Personal Strengths (Personal Value Inventory/Strength Deployment Inventory) (PVI/SDI®)

  • The PVI / SDI®:
    • is a powerful questionnaire based "learning resource" that identifies your personal strengths and your motivational values which, when understood, acts as a catalyst for clear, effective communication.
    • is a tool that provides a "common language" which is easily understood and can be used by everyone!
    • is a very flexible instrument that can easily be applied to many applications; communication, coaching, sales, management and much more.
  • The Power of Communication will enable you to:
    • get better results quicker and easier with less time wasted on "difficult people" problems
    • better understand the people around you, develop quality relationships and prevent unnecessary conflicts
    • use a structured, validated tool to identify a person`s values and then use this knowledge to make your relationships more efficient
    • increase your flexibility in dealing with people, be more tolerant of others and so more creative in your relations with others
  • The Power of Communication
    • Will give you all the fundamentals of Relationship Awareness Theory and the SDI to use in your everyday life.
      You will learn:
    • What the SDI and Relationship Awareness Theory is and the many ways it can help you in your life and your work
    • About your own values, what really motivates and demotivates you
    • How other people can be very different from you and why you find some people so difficult to understand and work with
    • How to adapt your communication style in order to get better results with all kinds of people
    • How to understand how we each respond differently to conflict and how to use your new skills to prevent or resolve conflicts as soon as they arise

to Become the qualified trainer «PVI/SDI®» for 2 days...

... And also to receive skills which will be useful in life!


  • Easily applied in many practical situations
    • 360-Degree Feedback
    • Board Development
    • Change Management
    • Communication
    • Conflict Management
    • Counselling
    • Crew Resource Management
    • Diversity Training
    • Emergency Response Team Training
    • Fictional Character Development
    • Leadership Development
    • Mediation Training
    • Organizational Culture
    • Performance Expectations
    • Project Management
    • Sales Training
    • School Transition
    • Social Welfare Programs
    • Strategic Planning
    • Team Building
    • Work Transition
  • That means to be qualified on SDI®
    • You will have knowledge, skills and the resources necessary for use of questionnaires and other PVI/SDI® tools in training programs, during coaching sessions, powerful conversations, consultation, human resource management, building of effective relations.
    • You can get SDI® products.
    • You will be a part of global community which will help you with use PVI/SDI®, including access to the international resources.
    • You will get constant free support from command Personal Strengths which will assist in creation and carrying out of your programs.
  • Qualification Program
    • Day 1 - Power of Communication

      Will give you all the fundamentals of Relationship Awareness Theory and the SDI® to use in your everyday life. Practical skills, exercises.

    • Introduction in the Relationships Awareness Theory
    • Understanding of motivational values
    • Understanding of the conflict
    • Conflict Management

      Day 2 – Train the Trainer

      Will show you how to administer the SDI® for others, help them to learn what you learned on day one and incorporate the SDI® into your own work.

    • Dynamics of group
    • the Portrait of Personal Strenths and Overdone Strengths
    • Practical use
  • In order to gain the SDI® Qualification status, you will need to:
    • Fully participate in and attend the whole programme
    • Demonstrate your understanding of the principles of the SDI® and Relationships Awareness Theory by showing respect and understanding of all "colours" and actively listening to others
    • Show skills of teaching SDI® to the group.
    • Complete an "open book" test of your knowledge after the course
  • Objectives of the Program
    • Give knowledge and practical skills which will help you to carry out training and to use tools SDI®:

    • How to administer use of questionnaires SDI®
    • How to be convinced that participants understand value of colors
    • Use of examples and exercises which help to use SDI® to understand and manage the conflict and to improve relations
    • Use Portraits of Personal Strengths and Overdone Strengths of the person for self-management
    • How to apply SDI® in your programs and various spheres of human resources activity

Full Qualifying Process «PVI/SDI®»

Full Qualifying Process: Levels, Practice, Investments

These investments include a full set of training materials, including questionnaires, presentation slides in order to immediately begin using SDI. Also, additional exercises, articles, market research, video to help you in explaining the benefits of SDI® to your customers.


If you will be registered on Full Qualification Process, you will save 650 euros, having paid only 1850 euros for all process.
PSA-SDI®: Tools SDI®

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